You probably thought of some of these...

...I did before I became an Exclusive Buyer's Agent!

I don't need a Buyer's Agent - I can do it myself! DOES YOUR BUSINESS CHANGE DAILY?The Atlanta Real Estate Market does. New concerns and opportunities occur daily. Unless you remain informed on mortgage rates and programs, trends in prices, construction, and county laws and ordinances, builder quality, federal lawsuits on building materials, and Georgia Real Estate Laws, you won't know the right questions to ask or when to ask them.
If I see a house I like, I'll just call the Agent or Owner on the yard sign. Does the Agent on the yard sign represent the Seller's or the Buyer's best Interests? Do you know what questions to ask? Do you know where to find the "real" answers? What answers should alert you to ask another question or investigate further?
The Listing Agent or Owner will know everything about the house they're selling. Exclusive Buyer Agents work to provide you any material information about the home. Important but not so obvious questions need to be asked to determine how each home compares in total costs. Questions about termite bonds, water management, condition of systems, what "is" covered in home warranties, values of other homes in the neighborhood, and others to determine the "actual" cost of the home.
All Real Estate Agents are alike - They are a dime a dozen - They all represent the Seller! There are many good agents, but an Exclusive Buyer Agent works for the buyer 100% of the time. They represent the Buyer's best interests and try to disclose important information about the house or area you choose. I give my opinion on value and the Buyer's exposure to costs and other information that should be important to the Buyer's home purchase decision.
For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties are cheaper because NO Agent's commission is involved. Put yourself in the Seller's shoes - Wouldn't you want to sell your house for more than another just like it in the neighborhood? FSBO properties may be higher priced or have faults in the property or area that aren't so apparent and you may still be paying more for a home that has hidden defect/deferred cost issues. Also, it's possible the owners feel that if you are not represented by an agent, they will upsell their perception of the property's value and "not" be flexible to meet "your" price. I've negotiated directly with FSBO property owners.
It will cost me more money ($) to use a Buyer's Agent than a Traditional Agent NO IT WON'T! Exclusive Buyer Agents split the total sales commission the Seller plans to pay with the Listing Agent. Exclusive Buyer Agents work to get the best possible price and contract terms at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the Buyer. Sellers of their own homes are called FSBOs (For Sale By Owners) consider paying a commission to the Buyer's Agent.
I don't want to get a Buyer Agent involved; that will just complicate things! Exclusive Buyer Agents help provide information and answers for Buyers to make the most informed decision and level the playing field. We discuss many cost factors and benefits of buying the home you finally choose. I'm not here to get in the way, but to educate and protect your investment exposure to costs that will affect appreciation and your home's future value.
I'll contact a Buyer Agent if I get in over my head! The best time to talk with an Exclusive Buyer Agent is before you speak with a lender, or start talking with other Agents, especially at new home subdivisions. By registering at the subdivision, you may relinquish your right to a buyer Agent at a later time. Exclusive Buyer Agents can help save hours of frustration and especially money($).
You won't need a home inspection on a new house. Home inspections on both new and used homes are highly recommended. Often, you may have a framing and final inspection on a new home before you move in. You may think that a County Inspector inspected the entire home thoroughly (which is not true at all) or not think an inspection is necessary since it's a "new" house and besides "what could go wrong?". Anything can happen, so be sure the house is built properly, safely and won't cost more in the long run.
This is the best house I've seen. Your Exclusive Buyer Agent should help moderate the logical evaluation of a home and identify its pros and cons and give you information that would demonstrate comparisons between properties and warn of "problems waiting to happen".
Many other myths exist.

If you ever have questions, please call me so we can discuss.

I will be waiting to protect the Buyer's Best Interests in the purchase of a home.

Jim Parker, Exclusive Buyer Agent, Access Brokerage, Inc.

770-265-7293 or Alternate # 770-971-5418

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"James E. Parker is a licensed Real Estate Broker in only the State of Georgia and holds his license with Access Brokerage, Incorporated, located at 1634 Rex Drive, Marietta, GA 30066 north of Atlanta in Cobb County, Georgia that serves Atlanta metro area that includes the counties surrounding Atlanta, Georgia."